About Optimum Fleet Health


About Optimum Fleet Health

Optimum Fleet Health is a leader in predictive and prescriptive maintenance analytics for diesel powered fleets. Our mission is to help clients improve the overall safety, efficiency and functionality of fleet assets. We focus on helping fleets realize dramatic cost reductions and operational disruption from unplanned maintenance activities. Simply put; “Optimum Drives Uptime” by anticipating breakdowns weeks in advance.

We achieve this by using predictive analytics that leverage a vehicle’s historic data profile coupled with in-depth technical knowledge of the vehicle’s engine and systems to deliver accurate and early identification of mechanical issues. This historical intelligence is driven by our proprietary Optimum VRx® engine which uses our EngineticsTM database to analyze more than 8,000 key performance indicators (KPI’s). Optimum VRx® analysis changes hindsight to foresight by enabling your maintenance organization to predict system failures or quality issues before they happen.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of a unique blend of fleet maintenance professionals with combined backgrounds in telematics, data analytics and cloud based infrastructures. We are proud to say that our diesel diagnostics technicians are amongst the best class and are the backbone of our analytics and machine learning initiatives based upon years of hands on experience.

Where Are We Going?

Today – we mentor the mechanic!

Tomorrow - we will mentor the Truck!

Enabling Safer Connected and Autonomous Fleets by providing critical real-time self-diagnostics needed for safer vehicle operation as the next generation of connected and autonomous trucks emerge.