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Optimum VRx® powered by Enginetics

Long before a vehicle system fault is activated, Optimum VRx® Predictive Maintenance solution alerts maintenance management to emerging and unforeseen problems that ultimately lead to vehicle component failure. Maintenance managers can proactively monitor the health of their fleet assets and intervene before they require unplanned repair and unscheduled downtime. Receive weekly or real-time predictive reports detailing fault severity for all major vehicle components including Engine, Exhaust, Electrical, Brakes, Coolant, Fuel and Transmission. Diagnose the cause, predict time to failure, and prescribe a detailed fix up to four weeks in advance.

Optimum Fleet Health's Optimum VRx® Stay-Fit service provides you with a weekly report that is predictive, prescriptive, and severity-based — all of which provides service managers the information they need to schedule maintenance on vehicles with emerging problems to avoid both downtime and more expensive problems later.

Optimum VRx Stay-Fit is available as an Add-In to MyGeotab from the Geotab Marketplace.

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