Frequently Asked Questions


OEM solutions fall under the category of reliability based maintenance and focus specifically on detecting engine fault occurrences which trigger an engine warning light. Often time, it’s too late as Vehicle health may have already been compromised where unnecessary damage to a variety of vehicle components is likely to have occurred with no irreversible remedy other than to take the vehicle out of service and replace what’s broken. This sets off a chain of reactionary events which lead to unscheduled maintenance, and ultimately higher cost of repair due to unplanned downtime. Alternatively, Optimum VRx® diagnoses issues across all Diesel engine brands weeks in advance before any engine fault light is even activated. Optimum VRx®’s predictive capability allows vehicles to be scheduled in advance of any catastrophic breakdown which helps reduce costs and Out-of-Service disruption. More importantly, Optimum VRx® predicts relative time to failure not just for engines, but across all major vehicle components including brakes, exhaust, electrical, coolant and fuel.

For Geotab clients, there is no integration process. OPTIMUM Fleet Heath Add-In offers a completely transparent solution whereby diagnostics data is transmitted directly from your vehicles via the Geotab device directly into the Optimum VRx® engine. Data is downloaded at the end of each work week. There is no reliance on drivers and simplistic dash-lights, no stack of useless email alerts, and no sifting through endless pages of diagnostic fault codes; just a convenient weekly report delivered automatically the beginning of each work week.

Yes. Optimum has on staff experienced diagnostics technicians who support and advise on maintenance issues.

Simply log into your MyGeotab portal to activate the Optimum Fleet Health Add-In and create a service account. There you will select your options for customized reports, including vehicles and location breakdown.