What would it mean to your maintenance organization if you could predict system failures or quality issues before they happen?


Often it’s far too late once a vehicle system fault occurs — vehicle health may have already been compromised. Unnecessary damage to a variety of vehicle components is likely to have occurred with no irreversible remedy other than to take the vehicle out of service and replace what’s broken. This sets off a chain of reactionary events which lead to unscheduled maintenance, and ultimately higher cost of repair for out-of-service vehicles due to unplanned downtime. Looking beyond the cost of the repair by itself, fleet operations managers must also consider the collateral costs associated with:


  • Towing Costs
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Lost or perishable inventory
  • Missed deadlines
  • Increased fuel Consumption
  • CSA Scores

  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery Penalties
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Potential lawsuits from unsafe vehicles
  • $1000 a day or more in lost revenue for trucks plus possible fines


Introducing VRX

“It’s like receiving a Maintenance Prescription from your Doctor!”

Long before a vehicle fault system is activated, OPTIMUM’S VRx Predictive Maintenance Solution identifies and alerts maintenance management to emerging issues which will ultimately lead to vehicle component failure before it results in unscheduled downtime for out-of-service repair.

Using data transmitted from your telematics device, OPTIMUM’s VRx predictive engine analyzes over 8000 proprietary key performance Indicators (KPIs) which help Detect unforeseen issues, Diagnose the cause, Predict relative time to Failure, and Prescribe a detailed fix up to four weeks in advance. This valuable insight provides maintenance managers the ability to proactively monitor the ongoing health of all fleet assets, intervene before the asset goes down, and prioritize optimized use of resources accordingly.

Weekly VRx predictive reports (maintenance prescriptions) are distributed to all key maintenance personnel detailing fault severity for all major vehicle components including Engine, Exhaust, Electrical, Brakes, Coolant, and Fuel.

In the near future, this will include impact from weather. Weekly VRx reports can be viewed online, by email, or other web services.


How to buy VRx


Detects issues before they become big problems, and long before they start to affect other systems.


Uses Predictive Analytics on historic fault code data to understand future vehicle health.


Provides a single, weekly report to maintenance managers that provides actionable information.


Reports prioritize the issues by severity so managers can make informed decisions on scheduling.




Major Systems Analyzed



Key Performance Indicators

Save up to


% on

Maintenance Costs


Features and Benefits


  1. Vehicles such as trucks and buses transmit their operational data to the cloud via their telematics service provider (TSP).
  2. Optimum Fleet Health takes diagnostic data into its Predictive Analytics Engine, where it studies and evaluates it across six (6) different systems:
    • engine
    • coolant
    • charging
    • exhaust
    • brakes
    • fuel
  3. A VRx Report is generated that includes information on issues it found: system(s) involved, description of problem, prescriptive fix, current condition related to the problem, and severity.
  4. The VRx Report is used by the Service Manager to make decisions and schedule the maintenance the vehicle needs.
  • Provides a complete vehicle Health Report
  • Avoids costly disruptions in operations from unscheduled downtime
  • Helps proactively manage maintenance and improve operational efficiency
  • Detects unforeseen issues weeks in advance
  • Diagnoses the cause, Predicts time to system failure and quality issues
  • Prescribes a detailed fix based upon severity of the issue: from Low, Medium, to High
  • Schedule what needs to be scheduled
  • Prioritizes what needs to be fixed before it breaks
  • Reduces Diagnostics time dramatically
  • Provides a complete Vehicle Health assessment across all major vehicle systems - not just engine!
  • Health reports include Engine, Brakes, Coolant, Fuel, Electrical, & Exhaust
  • Improves Fuel Economy and Vehicle Safety
  • Ask about how the weather can affect fleet maintenance performance
How to buy VRx

What Makes VRx Unique?

There are many data analytics companies today talking about predictive maintenance. But for the most part, do they really have a demonstrable solution they can offer out of the box, or does it require a lengthy contract for data mining and consulting services to get a solution you need today?

How many data analytics companies know your business application to the extent of having trained diesel diagnostic technicians on staff?

First and foremost, VRx is truly predictive, unlike OEM Engine products which only push notifications once the fault light comes on. This is far too late as damage may have already occurred. OEM solutions do not have much of an impact on reducing out of service vehicles and downtime. VRx predicts time to system failure and quality issues based upon severity up to four weeks in advance before a fault issue occurs.

Designed by Diesel Technicians for Diesel Technicians

With OPTIMUM, our proprietary data mining intelligence is an already embedded feature within the core of our data analytics engine, and fundamentally unique to VRx is that this core intelligence was created by professional diesel diagnostic technicians.

Why is this important? Predictive analytics must start somewhere. So why not at the core of the issue - the vehicle and the technician. It is as much about the application expertise (the actual turning of a wrench) as it is about the data science behind the predictive analytics.

Machine learning is the platform upon which predictive maintenance trains itself to become more Artificially Intelligent. Predictive maintenance systems therefore, are limited by what intelligence begins this process. VRx trending algorithms already carry an inherent DNA of more than 8,000 proprietary indicators which we refer to as our Enginetics database.

Analyzes Major Vehicle Systems

Another unique feature of VRx is its patent-pending ability to analyze all major vehicle components and not just engine fault codes. Additionally, VRx will soon be the only predictive solution which incorporates the impact of weather as a factor in measuring component wear-and-tear. This proprietary data includes historical trend analysis from meteorologically equipped vehicles totaling in excess two billion road miles.

VRx is a proven predictive maintenance solution which is helping todays organizations reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid costly disruptions in operations

Easy To Use

VRx offers a simple out-of-the-box solution: one weekly report, no reliance on drivers and simplistic dash-lights, no stack of useless email alerts, and no sifting through endless pages of diagnostic fault codes; just a convenient weekly report which give maintenance managers a two-to-four-week predictive window of unforeseen issues which may be emerging in the background. The solution is simple. One weekly report, one monthly payment. No hardware, or complex integration.


Our Services

VRx Triage

A comprehensive one-time series of “Triage” reports which includes historical trend analysis of common fleet health issues with prescribed solution.

This service provides complete snapshot of overall fleet health and prioritizes non-critical to critical maintenance issues.

VRx Stay-Fit

Includes weekly VRx Prescriptive maintenance reports to ensure fleet remains current. Reports detect, diagnose, prescribe, and prioritize non-critical to critical maintenance issues weeks in advance including prescriptive remedy. Reports dramatically reduce diagnostics time for technicians by pinpointing issues in advance with prescribed fix instructions.



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